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Bine ati venit la Facultatea de Inginerie Electrica - Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj-Napoca


Facultatea de Inginerie Electrica
Adresa: Str. George Baritiu, nr. 26, Cluj Napoca, Romania

Decanat: Sala 347
Secretariat: Sala 342
Telefon: 0264 401229
Email: SecretarFIE@staff.utcluj.ro

Build Your Robot - STRATEC Internship 2019

STRATEC is looking for passionate students that are interested in building a robot.

During a 10 week period, you will develop new skills and implement your solutions in a cross-functional team, guided by a mentor.

Solve our challenge and win a fast pass for the interview. In the end, if you share our values we will give you the chance to join our team.


Apply now for a paid internship at http://internship.stratec.ro/


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