Tritium Robotics is hiring

We make robots, with a unique positioning laser technology, 10x times faster than industry standard, which  we invented and are on the way to patenting.  And yes, we are in Cluj.

Looking for remarkable people, self driven, target and goal oriented, that already have experience in the field we work on and  are on the Delivery Stage. In the next few years we will make some internships for people in the Learning Stage. We are vertically integrated from embedded code up to hardware dev, and we are doing everything in Stealth Mode until the end of 2023. Increasing the team to 10 people, so be fast to apply.

1. Control Engineer in Simulink with Embedded experience (STM32).
Looking for a remarkable Control engineer, that fits all the above 3 criteria simultaneously. This way of doing system development is most common in the Turkish school, but was adopted by the Romanian ones also. Simulink allows 12x times faster development speeds. Controllers that you must be familiar with are from LQR and upwords. Stating that you how to tune PID declasses you from the Control engineer super-family.

List of questions to be asked at the interview :

What experience do you have with advanced controllers beyond PID?
Can you give an example of a controller you developed and how it improved the system performance?
Have you worked on any real-time controllers for MISO type systems? For instance, have you developed a fast actuator with multiple encoders for position tracking? Can you describe the challenges you faced and how you addressed them?

Have you ever worked with a noisy sensor? Can you describe the techniques you used to clean the signal and mitigate any phase-delay issues?
Have you developed any Kalman filters in Simulink? What was the input and output configuration you used?
Can you explain your process for writing code for the STM32 microcontroller?
Have you utilized the STM32 in external mode? If so, can you give an example of a project you worked on?
Have you worked with DMA in Simulink? Can you describe the application and how you implemented it?
Have you developed any behavioral models in Simulink using Stateflow diagrams? Can you provide an example of a system you modeled and how it improved the control algorithm?
Have you programmed SPI devices in Simulink? What was the number of slaves on the bus?
Have you communicated with the STM32 using CAN and Simulink? Can you describe the project and the challenges you faced?

2.  CTO.
Has previous experience in managing technical teams. Has done at least 2 projects with robotics hardware and software. Age is secondary, diplomas and qualification on the wall are not considered. Reaching the goals with the new old teams and new teams and the mindset to push until success  are the only KPI.

3.  Mechanical design engineer
Looking for a guy that has had enough in making small parts design in a factory and is ready to make an impact. This type of personality has dreamed his whole life to make robots, is passionate and does sketches of all sorts of robots for fun. On the technical side, Solid or Fusion360 or Inventor are ok, with a bit of real life expertise and experience on the mechanical common sense, material knowledge and a bit of FEA understanding. Will be in charge of all aspects of getting the machine from paper sketch to real working prototype.

Ping me via WhatsApp or mail, whatever suits you, in an non-protocollary manner, and will have a quick technical chat about your new position.

Thank you,

Emanuel Pop
Founder of  Tritium Robotics             


0040 722 500 802
400478  Trifoiului 1, Cluj Napoca, Romania

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